Are you addicted to singlehood? These signs would help you understand | The Times of India


Naina is the perfect example of a nerd, a person whose life is dictated by her studies. Kabir, or Bunny as his friend calls him, is exactly her opposite, a guy who lives his life to the fullest. When they meet, Naina falls in love with him and Bunny, the eternal flirt, just encourages her making no promises. Later, Bunny continues his journey of being the Casanova that he is, while Naina learns to move on until their paths cross again. Sounds like a much familiar plot, eh? Well, this is the plot of the very popular Hindi movie, “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”. Many love stories have a Naina or a Bunny, but this article is not about the girl who falls in love head over heels. We want to guide all the Bunnys or the people who are addicted to singlehood but don’t have an idea about this trait. Look out for these signs and if you have most of these traits, then you are not someone who wants to be in a relationship. Whether you want to change that status or not, it’s entirely your call.

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