Bengal Wants to open sweet shop open


The government of West Bengal on Monday said  that the sweet shop would remain open daily for 4 four hours after  a sweet outlet indicate about the wastage of milk and jobless staff.


The government said that “Mithai shop may  remain open during lockdown from 12 noon to 4 pm each day  with less number of staff  only with the packet items.”

Poschimbango Mistanno Byabsayee Somity office –bearer Dhiman Das told PTI that they would request the administration to change the mentioned  time  to open the sweet shop for first half when the people visit the market and grocery shop .

The omnipresent “ rosogulla “ and “sandesh” ,” misti doi “ are  available in the  platters in  this unprecedented lockdown  due to corona virus.

The Kolkata sweet shop is making peculiar Corona Sandesh  for free to spread awareness. The sandesh and the cake both have the shape of corona virus.

The corona sandesh is for free , they are saying  that they are doing this for free to spread awareness  and this is their  social  duty to make people aware about the dangerous infection  this stamen was given by the Hindustan Sweet, its headquarter is in south Kolkata Jadavpur .

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