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Most people who do business on the internet want to maximise their incomes from AdSense as well as providing a good user experience to their visitors. The highest income comes from the best paying AdSense keywords; in other words, the more an advertiser pays for a keyword, the more the publisher receives when one of their visitors clicks on a link.

The problem is identifying the best paying AdSense keywords for your niche and therefore your website but it isn’t insurmountable even if you’re not prepared to pay for the information.

If you are prepared to pay, then there are keyword tools which you can buy and which will tell you the average cost per click for the keyword or phrase of your choice and you can also pay for a service from a specialist company which will give you the information you need. However, you may be pleased to know that you don’t have to pay to find out which are the best paying keywords.

The down side of doing your own research is that it’s a bit time consuming but until you’re earning a good income, this may suit you better.

Firstly, you can get yourself a Google AdWords account. Log in and set up a campaign using the keywords which you think may be high paying ones and the system will tell you the average amount you would have to bit to run that campaign. You can keep tweaking this until you find some high paying keywords.

AdWords’ own keyword tool will give you the approximate cost per click of your chosen keywords and a lot of related keyword ideas. This tool is completely free and you will be able to compile and export a large list of keyword ideas.

This website provides a free tool which is an add on to your browser. Once you have activated the add on and carry out a search on Google, you will see that the paid advertisements at the top and on the right hand side show a button which says “view keywords”. Click on that and if the advert has been running long enough you’ll see the following information.



Avg. CPC

Max. CPC



Keep an eye on which AdSense units on your site create the best income by using Channels to track clicks.

If you use one of these methods then you’ll surely be able to find the best paying AdSense keywords and earn a tidy income from visitor clicks.

Source by Liz Canham

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