Enshey 2400W Electric 16L Pressure Fryer Cooking Countertop Timer Deep Fryer Professional Tabletop Restaurant Kitchen Frying Machine Commercial Countertop Fryer Restaurant Frying Fish Chicken


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Product Description

Brand Enshey

16L Stainless Steel Commercial Cooking Fried Chicken Duck Fish Meat Vegetable Chips Electric Pressure Fryer!

This is a new product, its volume is small but capacity is big, easy operation, electricity-saving, it overcome the defects that common pressure fryer have, for example, big electric power heavy. This product set the non-explosion and elastic beam equipment, when the working value is jamming, the elastic adopt electricity control temperature and overheated protector,secure&reliable.It is the necessary equipment for restaurant,hotel and snack shops and so on.

Parameter of frying machine

Model :CR-CPF-16

Volts: 220V 50Hz


Control temperature:50-200°C

Capcity :16L working pressure :8Psi


Temperature Range:20—-200 centi-degree

Net Weight:24kg

High Quality Material and Well Made

Stainless Steel Panel

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Relief Valve

Frying Basket

Stainless Steel Panel

Stainless steel Panel for easy-cleaning and long life.

Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauge, area marked clearly.

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve, automatic pressure relief

Frying Basket

Stainless Steel Frying Basket

Cooker Cover

Pot Cover Beam

Pot Cover Back

Inner Pot

Cooker Cover

Pressure Cooker Cover, Lightweight and Durable

Pot Cover Beam

Pot Cover Beam, retractable, safety protection

Inner Pot

Inner Pot, Oil level line mark


The introduction of Pressure chicken Deep Fryer chicken duck deep oil pressure fryer

1. Nice appearance and durable:The pressure fryer is made of fully high-quality stainless steel material, with stainless steel lid.

2. Easy to operate:Time,temperature and pressure can be controlled automatically.Over temperature protection,automatic exhaust.

3. Build-in filter system optional: Build-in filtration system filters and returns hot oil in less than four minutes with no extra pumps or pans and no handling of hot oil, provides quick, easy and safe cooking oil filtration.

4. Proven round cooking well design: Engineered for more uniform heat distribution, durability and efficiency, no cold spots or corners.

5. Fast and productive: Cooks up to 4 -10 pieces of fresh chicken per load in under 10 minutes.

6. Raised edge on deck reduces spills.

7. High efficiency stainless steel heating element,movable heating element to make cleaning easier.

8. Anti-high temperature oil valve

9. Folded and dismantle basket handle

desktop pressure fryer

Features of 16L table top electric potato deep fryer chicken pressure:

1. Stainless steel cabinet for easy-cleaning and long life.

2. Heavy-duty stainless steel rectangular fry pot.Larger 6-head capacity fry pot.

3. Cast aluminum alloy lid is strong but light for easy handling. Color-keyed locking spindle engages pressure seal.

4. Patented lid-lock system keeps lid locked until pressure reaches 1 psi.

5. Raised edge on deck reduces spills.

6. Channel under lid helps direct condensation away from pot when lid is open.

7. The four casters carrying capacity together with brake function, easy to move and position.

8. Built-in automatic oil filtering system, easy to use, energy efficient.

9. The digital display and control panel, more precise, more beautiful.

10. This machine is equipped with a total of 10 storage key 1-0, for 10 categories of food frying use.



Fried function:

Suitable for all kinds of food, such as Fish, chicken, meat, vegetable, and chips. Temperature and palate all by yourself. Whatever you want, just do it.

Large round basket, fits 2-5 chickens, Large oil tank, with drain tap. Temperature controls.
Heavy duty, solid & robust machines, ideal for commercial use, Automatic thermostat.
Simple to operate, 304 Stainless steel all-round, for good looks & easy to clean.
Quick to cook, under 6-7 mins per batch, Small Size, High Capacity, Easy Operation, High Efficiency.
No explosive device, adopts a flexible beam supporting device. Perfect fit for guest houses, hotels, restaurants and leisure snack bar.

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