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The business listings that appear on Google Maps are powered by Google Places – by adding your place of business to Places, you will immediately appear in Google Maps. Since inclusion is free and can be a major source of traffic for both your website and physical location, every business should make sure they have up-to-date and accurate listings in Google’s database.

The first step is to type “Google Places” into Google and click the first search engine result. You will need to create a free Google account or use an existing login to access the service. Once you have logged in, click “List Your Business”. Google will ask for the phone number to identify the business and pre-populate the basic information page, which you should verify for accuracy before submitting.

In addition to the simple contact information, you have the option of submitting opening hours, payment types, photos and videos, together with custom information such as menus and parking availability. You should provide as much information as possible to your customers. Google will confirm the information before publishing on Google Maps by sending a verification code either by mail or by automated phone call. Once you confirm the verification code, the listing is live and you are permanently linked as the listing’s owner.

Google collects detailed statistics about who visits your listings, which can you see when logging into Google Places. You can also provide coupons and special offers to highlight your listing for free, and there is also an optional paid tagging service to enhance your place on the map.

Source by James Beswick

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