#Indian2 Accident: Not a first, similar accident at the same location took place on Vijay’s ‘Bigil’ sets too – Times of India


Last night saw an unfortunate incident taking place on the sets of Kamal Haasan’s ‘Indian 2’ at EVP Film City in Chennai. The shooting, which had been going on since the past few weeks, had to be stalled as a crane collapsed during the designing of the sets and a heavy light which was at a height of 150 feet fell down. Three people died while ten were left injured in the unfortunate accident. Now, the latest reports are that this is not the first time that an accident has happened at the particular location. Reportedly, a similar accident had taken place during Vijay‘s ‘Bigil’ shooting and that too at the same location.

Amritha Iyer, who played the role of Thendral, women’s football team captain in ‘Bigil’, shared the fact on her Twitter page. The actress is saddened about the accident on the sets of ‘Indian 2’ and calls the place a horrifying one. She also asked the people to not go to the place since she feels a lot of negative vibes around the place.

And Amritha is not making up her own stories. It has been indeed reported in the past that a focus light hanging in the crane had collapsed on the head of the electrician Selvaraj during the ‘Bigil’ shooting that was going on at EVP Film City. Selvaraj was then taken to a nearby private hospital and given treatment. Also, there have been a giant wheel accident, ‘Kaala’ accident, another reality show accident, ‘Bigil’ accident and now the ‘Indian 2’ accident reported from the same location till date.

Spooky, right? It could also be coincidence or just the lack of maintenance that could be causing these mishaps. But all the same, it seems to be more and more dangerous for filmmakers to shoot at the EVP Film City.

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