Search Engine Optimisation – What Google Wants


Any website or business with an online presence, whether large or small, has to be aware of what Google wants. In modern search engine optimisation it is impossible to ignore how the world’s largest search engine can affect your business rankings. In recent years, with the release of various updates, online marketers have been guilty of focusing on the negative aspects of Google but it is important to change that mindset and concentrate on the positives.

Google, as well as your potential visitor or customer, wants high quality content that ensures a high quality experience that in turn leads to a direct call to action, a sale or the beginning of an online business relationship. Content must be relevant to the main topic of your website, be user friendly and have the potential to become authority content that other will remember, approve and share with other on the increasing number of social media mediums and channels.

Users want to reach results quickly and be given distinct and honest search results that can give answers and information with confidence and competence. Upholding these fundamental requirements on your website will allow Google to recognise your website and rank it accordingly in the search engine results pages. Content needs to be original and factually robust and correct to enable users to be satisfied with the information they receive.

Google are a business entity who are ultimately concerned with being successful and profitable and by following good and ethical business practices this is what they strive to achieve. They are very successful at this because Google does not want to alienate customers with poor quality or insult their customers by not offering top quality goods and services. This approach applies to the individual user or website owner as much as it applies to a multi-national company. Whether you are promoting affiliate products, software and tools or consulting services through your website quality is the key to selling successfully.

This approach needs to be instilled into the most basic level of your search engine optimisation, ideally from the very inception of your business or promotional website. Giving Google what they want at the most basic level will help your website and business to strive. Honesty and integrity will also go a long way to ensuring that Google recognise the importance and potential authority of your site and help it to rank accordingly for your business area or niche.

Source by Paulo Walsh

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