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If you are not familiar with K-beauty yet, you obviously haven’t been bitten by the beauty bug, just yet. Short for Korean beauty products and trends, it has taken looking good to the next level. From snail extract creams to serums to sheet masks, bubble face packs, and multi-masking, everything skincare nowadays has a K-beauty stamp. Enter: face taping. As the name suggests, it’s using a tape — quite like kinesio tapes — to get instant face lifts. Korean beauty experts have been populating YouTube with various tutorials on how to use this trending tape.

Make-up expert Samaira Sandhu says, “It’s a technique which is very much Korean in nature. It involves a simple application of tape over the face, from below the jaw to the back of the ear. The sole purpose is to bring the jaw-line into a V-shape.” It is said to be useful for people who have an asymmetrical face, she says, and is quick to add that she’s not sure how useful it is as some of the tape is often visible!
Korean beauty experts use this tape to enhance facial features. However, aesthetic taping has been around for years with Hollywood celebrities using it as a non-cosmetic procedure to get rid of wrinkles. There are two types of facial tapes: the transparent ones are used in make-up to enhance features; and surgical style tapes that work for facelifts. The second kind is available in tape and patch form.

But studies have shown that this technique does not work for everyone. Sandhu says while picking tape look for one that gets camouflaged – on the basis of your skin tone. She adds, “Face taping should not be done for a long time as it may affect the facial nerves, flow of blood inside the veins and the skin as well. The most perceptible contra-indications include itching and palpitations.” Aesthetic taping is best done with a skincare expert, as one needs to be a pro before applying these tapes. Sandhu suggests doing a trial run at home before making a debut at a big event. Her advice? Take help of videos available online.

Skincare experts’ advise against sleeping in your tape as it can scrunch and squish your skin and, in fact, make the wrinkles worse. It is, after all, a sticky situation.

Follow instructions carefully. It is applied to stretch the skin, so ideal places to use it is the cheekbone region, nose area where it’s pulled back to the ears or from brows to forehead

Suggested beauty BENEFITS
– Smoothens wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, forehead, and neck

– Reduces double chin

– It helps in achieving a better definition of the natural shape of the face

– Removes puffiness, especially around the eyes

The area to be taped should be clean and dry. The tape is applied on massage lines to have the best lifting and lymphatic drainage effect

– You can be allergic to tape material

– Can cause open wounds, active infection or irritation in taped area

– People with hyper-sensitive skin must avoid

– Always good to consult a professional

– Don’t use while sleeping as it can scrunch the skin

– Not to be used for a longer duration

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