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One can find several books and online courses for “The Art of Baking.” However, most of them are misleading. When training to become a baker, the most important lesson taught is that baking is a science, which is decorated or made to look pretty with art. When baking a loaf of bread or making sponge cake which is later going to be adorned with ganache, butter cream and pretty flowers, if the base is not prepared using the correct techniques, then all goes wrong. The base should be prepared with utmost precision and technique.

When done right, baking can be an incredibly gratifying and calming process, yielding stacks of hard-earned, fresh baked goods. However when the baking process goes astray, it can lead even the best bakers to the brink of madness. After all, baking is a science and the tiniest mistake or miscalculation can result in a disappointing finished product that fails altogether or does not hit the mark.

Read below a list of common baking errors and tips for fixing them:

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