Viewing Google "My Maps" With Your Smartphone


Google “My Maps” is a wonderful application that lets you create your own maps with earmarked attractions, restaurants and so on. You can add lines and pointers and turn the map into a virtual guide with directions following streets and roads on the map from one of the marked attractions to the other. It’s fun, you can share it with the public or keep it private but its real potential lies in mobile computing. I don’t really need a guide like this at home and I don’t carry around my laptop when visiting places but I do have an XDA Stellar smartphone with installed Google Mobile Maps so it would be more than natural to expect that “My Maps” would work there. No, sorry, it doesn’t! But there is a trick that somehow makes it work. Here we go, I’ll show you how!

STEP 1: You first need to install Google Mobile Maps application to your smartphone. The link provides clear instructions, you can even watch a video and basically start by choosing your phone. You will also need to create your own map (using your PC) within the “My Maps” section of the Google maps.

STEP 2: Once installed open Google Mobile Maps application on your smartphone and click “Search” in the lower left corner of the screen. You will need to type in the keyword that perfectly describes the map that you earlier created on your PC as described in Step 1. I would start with the exact title of the map and click enter on your keyboard but do not click “OK” in the lower left corner as this will not generate any results.

STEP 3: The search will retrieve a list of maps after clicking “Enter” key on your smartphone keyboard. The list should give you a number of so called “user-created content” maps and, if you know what you were writing about, it should be easy to identify which of them is the map you created within the “My Maps” as I pointed earlier.

STEP 4: Click on the map that you created and on the next screen click on the last link that begins with “Show (XYZ palcemakers)”. In my case it says “Show Maribor light adrenalin day (39 placemakers)”.

STEP 5: The next screen will provide a list of placemakers with brief descriptions but what you really want to see is the map itself so click on “See map” in the lower left corner of the screen. Voila, you will see the map that you created with your PC within the “My Maps” section of the Google Maps in all its glory – but this time on your smartphone.

Now, my smartphone has got GPS built in and by enabling “My location” in Google Mobile Maps application you could literally see where you are on the map that you created, in case that you are physically there (the magic blue dot appears on the screen). What you need to do next is just follow the directions you created, enjoy the sightseeing in its classical way but consult your map for any details on the attractions you’re passing by. No need for booking expensive guided tours any more. You can quite literally be your own tourist guide. Now, how brilliant is that? Of course, you need internet connection for this to work but then again this is relatively easy nowadays and getting cheaper by the day. Enjoy!

Source by Dominika Radosavljevic

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