Which is the healthiest non-dairy milk? | The Times of India


However, milk is not a suitable option for everyone as it may trigger headaches, tummy ache and allergic reactions in some individuals. So, whether you are lactose intolerant or simply wish to exclude all animal-based products from your diet, there can be a lot of reasons why you want to make the switch from animal-based milk to its non-dairy alternatives.

The good news is that there is a wide range of dairy-free milk alternatives available in the market, thanks to the increasing demand for non-dairy products.

From almond, coconut, banana, rice, soy to oats milk, there is certainly an abundance of plant-based alternatives to your regular milk. If you are in the quest of finding the healthiest alternative to your regular cow milk, we are here to help. We list down the best plant-based milk substitutes.

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